Cologne, Germany

As I stated in my Rhine River Cruise post I took the train from our last stop to Cologne. It was raining, I was somewhat miserable and I just wanted to get to the airbnb as quick as I could. The next day was wonderful though, the sun was out and I was ready for my adventure. I didn’t have a set plan, but wound up first going to the Chocolate Museum which was absolutely delightful. As I was looking and reading about the machinery and processes, I realized that they were actually functioning and making chocolate. They even had a couple of samples, oh it was sooo good!! I then walked around a small area of this very large and very beautiful city, first doing my bridge shoot (last post) and then going to the cathederal (next post). Looking back now, I regret a little not exploring it more, I could have stayed another day, but wasn’t fully in my independant explore mode yet. For a more in depth read of the city, here is the link for wikipedia –

One thought on “Cologne, Germany

  1. Can’t get over how much the Rhine looks like the Ohio in some places.
    I want to go to the chocolate museum NOW!!!!!

    Peggy A. Jones


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