Schlosspark Biebrich

Went to this park while I was in Wiesbaden.

From Wikipedia –

The Schlosspark Biebrich is a park at the Biebrich Castle in Wiesbaden . It extends mainly north of the castle over a length of about 1,200 meters at a width of 300 meters and is traversed by Mosbach .

The park was initially designed as a French garden and the area north of the castle building filled. This created a plateau, which can be reached from the west via a wide staircase. To the north, the terrain drops off slightly. The first design came from Maximilian von Welsch around 1720 and had a regular route pattern bordered by balustrades and the orangery. From 1817 to 1823, Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell designed the garden in an English landscape parkand extended it to the north. The former orangery was canceled. One recognizes still elements of the original plant, so the two wells directly behind the lock and two straight avenues. The foundation walls of a medieval castle, on which the master builder Carl Florian Goetz built a romantic artificial ruin, the Mosburg , in the midst of a pond, lay on the extended area

The castle Biebrich was the baroque residence of the princes and later dukes of Nassau on the banks of the Rhine in Biebrich (incorporated in 1926 to Wiesbaden ).

The building was not built according to a uniform design, but was expanded again and again between 1700 and 1750, until finally a three-winged complex had developed from a garden shed. As such, it was one of the most important baroque palaces on the Rhine.

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