Wiesbaden, Germany

For my first main exploration of Germany, I was brought here. There is an outdoor market along the edge of the square with the church and other buildings that I honestly have no more knowledge on.

From Wikipedia – Marktkirche (English: Market Church) is the main Protestant church in Wiesbaden, the state capital of HesseGermany. The neo-Gothic church on the central Schlossplatz (English: Palace Square) was designed by Carl Boos and built between 1853 and 1862. At the time it was the largest brick building of the Duchy of Nassau. It is also called Nassauer Landesdom (Cathedral of Nassau).

One thought on “Wiesbaden, Germany

  1. Tool cool! I didn’t fall asleep once looking at these! LOL
    I want to do some paintings from a few of these……………….
    PLEASE bring some more photos! I PROMISE I will not fall asleep! I will get me a big bowl of popcorn & Dr Pepper!

    Peggy A. Jones


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